Do Dryer Sheets for Mosquitos Work

Over the years, mosquitoes have grown immunity against several treatment methods. When you decide to get treatment for mosquito control in Horizon City, you’ll have many treatment options to choose from. One such way is using dryer sheets. Not only can they be used by professionals, but individuals can also use them at home.

In this article, let us look at what dryer sheets are and if they are useful.

What Are Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are perfect for giving a good clean to your clothes. However, they have also grown emergence for repelling mosquitoes. Dryer sheets are, in fact, an effective temporary solution to mosquito infestation. However, they do not work if you’re looking for long term solutions.

Dryer sheets are mostly only used by people for domestic mosquito-repelling results. Professional mosquito control companies do not usually use them. The reason why dryer sheets are believed to work is that they consist of repellant compounds such as linalool, Hedione, and Beta-Citronellol. Let us have a closer look at each of these compounds.


Linalool is understood to have weak to mild mosquito repelling properties. The full linalool content in dryer sheets makes them ideal to use against mosquito infestations.


Hedione smells very similar to the shrubs from the olive family. Jasmine is known to be a natural mosquito repellant. Even though there’s not enough study on how well Hedione works against mosquitoes, it is a handy component to have.


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Beta-Citronellol is the strongest repellant product present in dryer sheets. It is commonly used in heavy-duty commercial repellants. This powerhouse ingredient makes mosquitoes vanish in no time.


One thing is for sure – mosquitoes don’t like dryer sheets. However, the effects of this solution are too temporary to be commended or recommended. You must get a professional mosquito control treatment done in your house while dryer sheets serve as a meanwhile solution.